Monday, March 21, 2016

Kehillah's Passover Story ... Preparing for the Tot Seder

Some of us involved in Jewish education, joke about a common theme throughout all the Jewish holidays: “They tried to get us - they didn’t - let’s eat.” Some families who conduct a 20 minute Passover Seder, or wish they conducted a 20 minute Seder, may relate to that, but we all know there is much more to Passover and the meaning behind retelling the story each and every year!

For the youngest members of our community, the Passover story is a complex tale of adventure with long-reaching lessons. There are numerous concepts involved in the Passover story and each year we choose a few for each of our age groups to explore according to the children’s interests and abilities.

In preparation for our 2nd Annual Tot Seder on Saturday, April 16 at 11:00 am, we will focus on the characters of the story and try to imagine the thoughts and feelings they had during the unfolding of the years of slavery, the adjustment to freedom, and the process of journeying toward the Land of Israel and our People’s bright future. At our Tot Seder, we will be dressed as Israelites and welcome guest participants like King Pharoah, Moses & Miriam & Aaron, and of course, the main character…God! If you have little ones who might enjoy this participatory preparation for Passover, please join us on April 16. Call Nancy Bossov in the Kehillah School for more information (637-3808) or to reserve a spot in the tent!   

Nancy Bossov
Director of Early Childhood Programs